New “speed on green” cameras set up to cut road tragedies in Merseyside

By Maelle Fontaine
Merseyside Road Safety Partnership (MRSP) has launched a trial scheme to reduce tragedies across Merseyside’s road network.

As part of speed awareness month, 13 new locations across Sefton, Knowsley, Liverpool, Wirral and St Helens have been equipped with “speed on green” cameras.

The aim is to detect when drivers cross at red traffic light signal and record the speed of those vehicles.

Although cameras are not all active yet, this temporary scheme aspires to decrease the number and severity of injury collisions as well as reducing speed of vehicles on the long-term.

Merseyside’s Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy said: “Far too many people lose their lives or suffer serious injury on our roads.

“We know that speed is a major factor in many of those collisions and that’s why, as we mark speed awareness month, we are looking for ways to encourage drivers to slow down – for their own safety and the safety of others.

“I hope that by implementing ‘speed on green’ cameras, more drivers will pay closer attention to their speed, make sure they are sticking to the limits and driving responsibly.

“It could be the difference between getting home safely or not getting home at all.”


In less than two weeks, the number of heart-breaking cases included :

  • Man fighting for his life in hospital after he was hit by several cars on the M62 (Jan 30)
  • A man in his 20s died after a terrible crash on Queens Drive (Jan 26)
  • An 11 year-old schoolboy was seriously injured after being struck by a car on Childwall Valley Road (Jan 25)
  • Police had to close Great Homer street after black cab and road painting wagon crashed outside sports centre (Jan 23)
  • A pensioner taken to hospital after a horrific crash with a bus on Prescot road, Fairfield (Jan 20)

An  issue that raised great concern after the commissioner’s office published worrying figures in 2017 with over 557 killed or injured on the roads of Merseyside. By 2020, they plan on reducing the number of victims by 400.

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