Knife Angel bids farewell to Liverpool – but what was its impact?

The Knife Angel  that has been on display at the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral since November is leaving the city today (January 31).

The 27-foot sculpture was created by Alfie Bradley at the British Ironwork’s Centre in Shropshire, and is made of over 100,000 confiscated knives. It aims to raise awareness of the impact of knife crime on people’s lives.

A vigil was held at the Cathedral on Saturday to remember those in the city that have been affected by knife crime.

It’s been estimated that tens of thousands of people came to visit the Angel during its two month stay.

The Angel will be removed by crane today and transported to its next destination in Hull.

But there is speculation over whether it has done anything to prevent knife crime in the city as levels continue to rise.

James Riley, founder of “Get Away n Get Safe”, a gang prevention programme, felt not enough young people went to see the sculpture and an opportunity was missed to educate them on the impact knife crime can have.

You can hear what he has to say below.

Written by Reanna Smith

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