Veganuary in Liverpool: A Fad or Ongoing Trend?

By Sarah Almond

Plant-based foods seem to be making a massive impact recently, with more businesses vowing to be vegan-friendly, and more vegan restaurants popping up in and around our city.

Popular restaurant, Maray, boasts a selection of hearty vegan foods, and still talks about expanding their menu for non-meat eaters.

‘Veganuary’ is a pledge that people all across the globe are taking to cut out allanimal products from their diets and lifestyle for the month of January – and hopefully for months afterwards.

Now, since this year’s has come to an end, a record breaking 250,000 people have dedicated themselves to the famous plant-based diet; and restaurants around Liverpool have swooped in with their inclusive vegan menus.

Maray is not the only business taking that step, Liverpool’s Batlic Market also have a vast array of vegan food stalls, without compromising aesthetic and taste.

So, although it has been a growing trend, Veganism in Liverpool especially seems to be here to stay.

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