Chinese New Year celebrations underway in Liverpool

The build up to celebrations for Chinese New Year are underway in Liverpool.

Lanterns and lights have appeared around the city in the run up to the main events.

Liverpool will be hosting a three-day celebration for Chinese New Year, starting on Friday February 8.

chinese zodiac#
Chinese Zodiac Calendar

This year, in accordance with the Chinese zodiac calendar, it is the ‘Year of the Pig’.

Therefore, if you were born in 2019, 2007, 1995, 1983, 1971, 1959, 1947 or 1935  it is your Chinese zodiac sign.

People with this zodiac sign are believed to be honourable, optimistic, sociable and responsible.

Celebrations this year will focus on the Arch in China Town, which was a gift to the city from Shanghai.

This year of the Pig marks the 20th anniversary of Liverpool and their twinning relationship with Shanghai.

The Arch stands at 13.5 meters high making it the largest in Europe.

From Friday February 8 onwards buildings such as Sefton Parks Palm house, St George’s Hall and the bombed out church, will be lit up in red to celebrate.

The city will see 12 murals appearing throughout the city on shop windows. This weekend on Saturday 2nd a parade will take place through the city.

The parade has been organised by Liverpool Hung Gar Fu Friendship Association and they will parade through the city performing traditional dances to symbolise luck and fortune in accordance with the ‘Year of the Pig’ which is believed to symbolise wealth.

The parade will start on Bold street at 1pm and the parade will follow along Church Street and onto Paradise street. The parade will end in Liverpool ONE by John Lewis.

New this year, from Saturday an ‘augmented reality trail’ is being launched which will give people opportunity to explore China Town.

The magical augmented reality trial will help you to explore Chinatown. You are invited to follow a map and look for the red signs around the city that play as films when scanned on a mobile phone.

Download the free ROAR application and follow the instructions the first sign will be at the Museum of Liverpool.pig instructions

A full timetable of events to be held can be found here.

Thousands of Chinese lanterns can also be seen floating through Chinatown and throughout the city.

Due to the scope of the event, there will be road closures to accommodate the festivities. If you plan to be involved in the activities it is advised to take public transport, however if you are travelling by car be sure to check road closures here.

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