Liverpool City Council aims to improve struggling child services

By Danielle Wilson
Liverpool City Council has pledged to hire 160 workers to children’s social care services, halving the caseloads of current social workers.

The plans to improve the services includes hiring 115 social workers, 18 senior social workers and 22 deputy team managers to care for the 1,250 children who are currently looked after by child services.

Norris Green Labour Cllr Barry Kushner put these recommendations in place after Ofsted’s May 2018 inspections into Liverpool’s Child services.

In their report, they stated: “Caseloads are still too high in most teams” and that the care needs improvement to be at a good standard.

Cllr Barry Kushner

Cllr Barry Kushner commented; “No other council in the country is doing this, outside of a poor Ofsted inspection, and this shows our commitment to children and families in our city.”

Mr Kushner called for a redesign of the current child services that are available, and these recommendations have been approved in a Council Cabinet meeting.

“We know that if we are to continue to improve services for our most vulnerable young people, we simply must increase the amount of support we provide to staff and their families.”

The approved plans will be put into action over two years, on an ‘invest to save’ basis. Liverpool City Council aims to reduce the number of children taken into care by improving the support which is now available.

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