The Romans are coming to Liverpool…Let the games begin!

By Faye Wasilowski
A Roman themed activity park will be coming to Liverpool in April of this year.

Aintree will be the new home to the interactive park, which will be running from April 13 through to October.

Joe Clarke, the 33-year-old behind the madness, said: “It came from the TV shows I used to watch as a kid, so the TV show “The Gladiators” and things like “Takeshi’s castle”.

“I used to watch them as a kid and think how fun it would be to play in those type of games.

“I took a lot of inspiration from them.”

The Romans have their own coliseum built to match an exact replica of an amphitheatre that you would have seen in Britannia, in AD43.

Players are able to climb up the banks of the coliseum and look down on the Gladiators fighting inside.

The theme will be carried out in all aspects of the park, with staff dressing as Roman gladiators, goddesses and emperors. Costumes will also be provided for players.

He added: “I just put my own spin on it…we just went with the Roman subject.”

The park is aimed at all ages, and those of all physical ability, although Clarke, the founder of The Romans, would like to market the park at big groups such as those in hen and stag parties.

the gladiators two

The event is also inclusive of students.

“We are going to be putting on a student event in the summer, a student’s only event, which is going to have heavily discounted tickets.”

With eight game stations, including blindfolded boxing and giant sandal racing, there will be plenty to do throughout the day.

He continued: “We also have a bar opening at the site and a gin garden as well. We have live performances, like percussion players and drummers.

“It is like a carnival, and it is going to be in the summer for the students.”

Clarke was recently featured in The Great British Entrepreneur Magazine and won the Princes Trust Enterprise Award in 2018.

Signature Living Partnership, who have teamed with The Romans, have been a 10 year in the making number one group accommodation in Liverpool, famous for their party accommodations which include The Shankly Hotel.

Signature Living will be offering an exclusive package, which includes a day at the park and an evening stay in a Signature property, where one of the suites includes a 20ft Roman “bath” pool.

Tickets start at £40, and more information about the upcoming park can be found on their website.

(Pictures courtesy of The Romans Facebook page)

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