‘Women in Horror’ Celebrated in Liverpool

By Demi Williams

The Liverpool Horror Club are hosting an exhibition celebrating Women in Horror.

‘Horror is No Place for a Lady’ will take place at the Constellations venue and is a 14 day celebration of women and their influence on horror.

It will feature an art exhibit showcasing the work of 20+ Liverpool-based artists, all under the theme of Women in Horror. It will include panel discussions from industry specialists and finishing off with a screening of Mary Harron’s American Psycho.

Poster featuring 143 representations of Women in
Horror designed by Uncle Frank Productions

Liverpool Horror Club said: “At a time when shadows are cast over women’s treatment in the film industry; LHC shines a light on the achievements they have made in the most surprising of genres; horror.”

Following the art exhibit, there will be a showcase of local talent and a series of panel discussions featuring industry specialists.

Some topics include the evolution of gender and racial equality in the movie industry and the advancement of technology in film-making.

Attendees will also hear the views and insights from these industry experts who will discuss the past, present and future of women in horror.



Co-organiser Mariam Draegar, said: “Horror actually has exemplary stats on gender equality. With this event we really want to dive into the views and experiences of our horror loving ladies, discuss these numbers and potentially set a positive example for various areas of the industry and overall work force.

“Horror has never been more relevant a genre. It’s currently breaking box-office records, winning Oscars and making huge strides in redefining its pop-culture status.”

As with all Liverpool Horror Club events, the night will conclude with social games, prizes and a free exclusive American Psycho poster designed by Uncle Frank Productions.

Constellations in Liverpool

The main event will start Saturday 9th February. Tickets will cost £8 for a full event pass, and £6 for the Showcase and Panel. It will run from 4pm – 12 Midnight.


Tickets and more information available at: www.liverpoolhorrorclub.co.uk

Images courtesy of Liverpool Horror Club.


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