Young women’s music project “Bangin’ Pans” launches in Liverpool

By Mary Slowey
A project named “Bangin’ Pans” aimed at helping young women get involved in the music industry, has launched at Constellations and the Observatory.

The free event on Greenland Street hosted a trio of bands: Science of the Lamps, Me and Deboe and The Soul Rays and also featured a young teen who sang Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere.”

The campaign is specifically directed at girls and young women between the ages of 14 and 20.

Organiser Christine Spriggs said: “Boys and young men seem to be a lot more confident about getting going with their music.

“There’s a lot of information out there saying girls love making music just as much as men but sometimes they may be a little bit less confident to get going in a mixed environment.

“So, our project is about making sure that girls and young women feel really supported in a really nice safe environment in a project led by female professional musicians, so that they can get going without competing with boys and young men.”

Christine Spriggs
Bangin’ Pans organiser, Christine Spriggs

Despite the idea being female-orientated, the bands that played included both men and women, as well as the crowd.

Asking a male member of the public his thoughts on the event, he said: “I thought it was a good project for young women and the event felt like it wasn’t strictly for women to attend so that’s why I came, I didn’t feel out of place. The bands were great.”

The idea was created by a group of musicians, writers, culture and tech people and encourages singers, musicians, bloggers, photographers, filmographers, sound technicians and events organisers all to get involved, whether they already work in the music industry or just desire to.

The scheme is funded by Youth Music, a national charity that invests in music-making projects that help children and young people.

Bangin’ Pans will run for almost a year. Christine added: “It started actually back in September, the development phase, so it’ll be going on until the end of August this year.”

The project has two courses coming up, one at Liverpool Life Sciences University Technical College and one at The Hive Wirral Youth Zone, which Christine explains people can sign up for on the Bangin’ Pans website.

Click here for Christine’s interview and a snippet from Science of the Lamps’ performance.

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