Anger at “neglected” fly-tipping in Wavertree

By Maëlle Fontaine.

Frustrated residents in the Wavertree area believe Liverpool City Council is not tackling major problems caused by fly-tipping.

Over £10 million has been spent in the last year to clean the streets and several maintenance teams are out almost everyday but Steve Parry, a Wavertree landlord, told us:

“They are not doing anything to tackle the fly tipping issue. They keep coming out, cleaning up and that’s it.

“The council has said to me, we do what we can when we can, because of austerity it is difficult to invest.

“It is appalling and I keep asking the council why there is no CCTV , no prosecutions? I do not think they are taking it seriously.”

Despite encouraging people to report fly tipping and set up signs against environmental crime, some residents do not think the council is effective in dealing with this problem. Certain areas do not even have a CCTV, despite claims made on local signs.

The council have not come back to us to comment on the issue.

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