Liverpool Mayor In High Level Summit To Push For Cleaner Air

By Maëlle Fontaine.

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson has been part of a top-flight summit to push forward the Clean the Air campaign.

He met with the secretary of State Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Michael Gove and the secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock.

It comes with the most recent Let’s Clear the Air Liverpool campaign where the council is establishing different ways of promoting  environmental friendly actions all across the city in order to reduce air pollution.

With 2019 officially declared as the Year of the Environment for  Liverpool, Joe Anderson stresses the importance of taking such actions and opening dialogue with the government on this issue.

However, it has already caused controversy among his followers who claim that many green spaces are being reduced due to regenerating plans. For instance, a few people have noticed that more and more trees are being cut down in the Baltic Triangle area and has caused resentment.

Tom Crone, leader of the Green Party group on Liverpool City Council, Tom Crone told Mersey Mash how he believes Liverpool should improve as a more “green” city.

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