Food, drinks and celebrations! Liverpool city centre set to have two huge street parties

Liverpool city centre is set to have a massive party this year. Organised by the Liverpool Bid Company, the street festival will celebrate food and independent businesses.  The events are set to take place in Castle Street and Bold Street.

Mersey Mash reporter Nafi Wernsing went to discover the significance of this event.

Liverpool without a doubt is a unique city. Culture capital of Europe, this city keeps on building a reputation for itself.

This year, the Liverpool Bid Company wants to keep the spotlight on the city, more specifically on Castle Street and Bold Street.

These unique streets are set to host two enormous street parties. It will be a two-day event and visitors can expect all sorts of delights.

A farmers’ market, art and crafts and some delicious delights from the local restaurants are just a sneak peek of what to expect.

“Celebrating Castle Street” is an event that is running for the second time, which will be held on Friday, the 31st of May.

The event will run during the week-long culinary extravaganza – Food and Drink week, which will run from the 27th of May till the 2nd of June.

Visitors can expect the best of hospitalities that include exclusive offers, masterclasses and events in preparation for the return of the Bordeaux Wine Festival.

“Celebration Bold Street” is back due to its popularity. The event will be held on Sunday, July 7th.

The party will be at the end of Independents Week, which is a special week dedicated to celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit of Liverpool’s growing independent business community.

Mersey Mash spoke to Hamdi Bichara, 76, General Manager of Uncle Sam regarding the celebration and the impact on local businesses.

Hamdi Bichara, mentions how the celebration is “good for businesses because of the number of people that visit”.

This is especially significant to support the local independent businesses in the area.

Regarding what makes Bold Street so unique, Hamdi Bichara mentioned how when he first came 50 years ago, Bold Street already had “a nice atmosphere”.

He continued: “It had cafes, restaurants and trade, which is what made the street unique for a long time”. Those roots can still be seen today.

For the party, “there will be a lot of food and drinks around, Hamdi Bichara mentioned. “It is a lot of variety in the street – food wise and drinks – so they have the chance to taste this and try this,” he added.

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