Missing Banksy painting ‘suddenly reappears’ at Rumford Street car park

A Banksy painting that was removed in 2016 is reported to have reappeared this morning.

The ‘Love Plane’ that was originally painted in 2011, was removed three years ago to be taken to a street art gallery that never materialised.

Last night a ‘hooded figure’ was spotted back at the scene to reinstate a new version of the painting in the hole in the wall left when the previous one was cut out and taken.


The plane is now painted with a black banner trailing it, reading ‘I’m back!”. There has been lots of speculation as to whether this was actually done by Banksy, who is of course famous for not revealing his true identity.

The removal of the previous piece was not received well by members of the public. The notice on the wall explaining the whereabouts of the painting was defaced with the message “Dear robbing bas*****, street art is not meant to be put in a museum. It’s here for everyone to enjoy, not for the elite, not for an entrance fee.

“Lots of love, us artists”


By Ben Kelly.


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