Kensington Factfile – is it more than a student hot spot?

By Megan Stringer

Known locally as ‘Kenny’, Kensington is very different to its London namesake. Described by many as one of the most deprived areas in Liverpool, the area is home to around 15,377 people, according to the 2011 Census.

Kensington is known for being a student hot spot, with many of the houses being occupied by students from Liverpool’s three Universities. However, Kensington is also known for much, much more than a place for students to spend their 2nd and 3rd years.

Mersey Mash have compiled a list of a few facts you might not have known.

There are many famous people that were born and grew up in the area, such as: The Walking Dead actor David Morrisey, Atomic Kitten member Natasha Hamilton, the McGann brothers, and footballer Phil Thompson.

Below is a list of other notable people you might not know were born and grew up in Kenny.

  • Percy Phillips: studio owner and recording engineer.
  • Terence Davis: screenwriter and filmmaker.
  • John and Mick Head: brothers, musicians and members of The Pale Fountains and Shack.
  • Paul Mason: footballer.
  • Eddie Youds: footballer.
  • Ian McNabb: musician.
  • Sydney Silverman: Labour MP.

1958 was a notable year for Kensington, as it was the year ‘The Quarrymen’, formed by John Lennon, recorded their first disc in a studio based at 38 Kensington. The band later became the Beatles, and in 2005 a plaque was placed above the door of the former studio to honour the band. The plaque reads: “Birthplace of the Beatles”.

Sticking with the Beatles, in the 1980’s a number of streets in Kenny were named in recognition of The Beatles. The street names are: John Lennon Drive, Paul McCartney Way, George Harrison Close, Ringo Starr Drive, Epstein Court, Apple Court and Cavern Court. 

Looking to buy a house in the area? If so, you can grab yourself a bargain, as a 2 bedroom terraced house in the Liverpool Kensington goes for £45,000, compared to £575,000 in the London Kensington.


There are a number of pubs, restaurants and takeaways in Kensington, with Lidl and Mcdonalds recently opening chains in the area.

However, Kensington is also known for it’s crime. In a recent statistic published by UKCrimeStats in December 2018, it stated that 630 crimes were reported in and around Kensington, with many of these crimes relating to violence.

Do you live in Kensington? Let us know in the comments what you think about the area.





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