Kensington’s hidden refugee charity

By Francesco Guerritore and Maelle Fontaine

One would never guess what is behind the St Anne’s Church doors in Kensington.

Asylum Link Merseyside is a busy charity working to help asylum seekers and refugees integrating British society.

More than 180 volunteers gather everyday at the church to offer help, from legal advice to social support.

The organisation offers daily meals, language lessons, bike riding and many other activities.

Ewan Roberts works with the destitution team and has volunteered three days a week for over the past three years.

He said: “We try to meet the needs of refugees and people seeking asylum when they come to our country.

“Our clients can not represent themselves in English as well as we can, and it is our role to engage advocacy for them and that is fighting with the Home Office about their cases.

“As a whole, we are trying to give a sense of working together, with each other and also, with English people.”


Asylum Link Merseyside was created more than 15 years ago and is rapidly growing as a connected and united hive of activity.

With more than 80 nationalities and 100 spoken languages, this grassroots charity manages to continue with benevolent organisations, businesses and people donating for the cause.

Click here for the interview with Ewan:

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