Liverpool City Council improves treasured Kensington green space

By Olivia Wagg

Kensington residents were left confused after a community area was demolished without warning.

The site was dug up as part of major resurfacing in the area, however Liverpool City Council has since apologised for not letting people know about the work.

Now the area – off Prescot Road close to Leopold Road – has been refurbished after a row between contractors and the local community.

The enclosure where the gardens are located used to house several shops.

Since then the local community has maintained the area and used it for dog walking.

kenny 2How the gardens previously looked

Cllr Nick Small said: “They were adopted and maintained lovingly by residents.

“There was no consultation about using these sites for roadworks.”

The public gardens now have freshly planted flower beds and trees.

A fence has also been placed around the land to protect the much-loved area.

kenny 3
The gardens after the road works

Environment chief Cllr James Noakes said: “We do need to put equipment in place when we are doing major work to a road like this – but I do think this could have been communicated better.”

(First image – Google Street View)

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