Liverpool MP Louise Ellman backs fight against antisemitism

Labour MP for Liverpool Dame Louise Ellman has spoken out regarding the resignation of Labour MPs.

In a statement released on Twitter, she hit out at the anti-semitic comments directed towards former MP for Wavertree, Luciana Berger.

The statement follows the sudden resignation of 11 Labour and Conservative MPs who have formed an Independent Party.

MPs cited other reasons for quitting their mainstream parties, including the poor handling of Brexit.

Dame Ellman said “I have always called out antisemitism wherever I have found it” and has shown her full support for the ex Wavertree politician after receiving a torrent of racist comments due to her Jewish background.

Berger decided to end her time in the Labour Party, and become part of the Independent Group during a speech she gave in the House of Commons on her experiences of antisemitism.

Watch her speech here:

Louise Ellman is just one politician who decided to stay in the Labour Party, and will “continue to fight the virus of antisemitism.”

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