Residents say Kensington streets plagued by fly-tipping

by Harriet Morphy-Morris

The illegal dumping of rubbish and old furniture is becoming a major problem for the residents of Kensington.

Residential streets are being blighted with old sofas, rotten wood and tyres.

A Kensington community support officer told Mersey Mash of the “disgusting alleyways” on Molyneux Road, and surrounding residential streets like Sunlight Street, which leads into Kensington.

“The increasing problem of fly-tipping is degrading Kensington’s identity,” said the officer.

Discarded rubbish on Molyneux Road

One shopkeeper from Sam’s Local Newsagents said: “It really affects our business, it makes our streets look disregarded, if you come around 9pm at night you’ll just see the roads moving with rats.”

Another local resident in the area spoke of the need for more street cleaners coming round after the bin men have been.

“We need more help from  the council, extra hands, I always get rubbish right outside my front door. I hate it.”

Below: Fly-tipping on Coleridge Street.


Kensington Residents Group comes together to discuss and tackle issues which affect their local community.

A representative for the group told Mersey Mash the cost of preventing fly-tipping is an issue.

They said: “To be honest, fly-tipping is a wide epidemic across this city.

“Until an offender is caught and heavily fined it will not end.

“We have asked for CCTV coverage to help solve this, however cost is an issue.

“Unfortunately, there are some people who have no pride in their community.”

Liverpool is one of the first cities to have a free collection service, called Bulky Bob’s.

This was introduced by the council to help decrease the rates of dumping waste.

A Liverpool City Council spokesperson said: “We are working hard to tackle issues with fly-tipping and dumping, and we hope our complete re-build of every back alley in the city, combined with changes to refuse collections will massively improve the situation.

“We know that in areas where we have made changes the recycling rate has improved by 80 per cent, and we would hope we can have the same impact in Kensington.”

If you want to report fly-tipping in your area you can contact the Liverpool City Council

You can access more information about the free Bulky Bob collection service at or call Bulky Bob’s on 0151 305 5200.

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