Churchill Way Flyovers to be demolished over safety fears

By Olivia Wagg

The Churchill Way Flyovers will be demolished this summer. The statement was made following serious safety concerns last September.

Since the first closure, engineers have been drilling into the structure to inspect the condition of the bridge.

Now Liverpool Council has revealed that the repair for the Flyover would be too costly. To rebuild the bridge it would cost up to £60m but demolition would cost £5.7m.

Junctions will have to be rebuilt to prevent traffic congestion throughout the Mersey Tunnels.

And new bridges will have to be built to replace the pedestrianised walk-ways joined to the flyovers.

Many of the problems date back to when the flyover was built during the 1960s. In some parts too much concrete was poured in and the flyover is heavier than was once thought. There are also serious problems with drainage – causing areas to rust and expand.

An exact date for work to start on the Flyover hasn’t been set but plans are set to start during Summer.

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