Liverpool remembers Holocaust with touching anthology for second year running

By Daniel Williams

A book of poems commemorating the lives lost in the Holocaust has been produced for the second consecutive year.

63 poems will appear in this year’s anthology, and all were entered in a competition under the theme of ‘Torn From Home’.

There were three categories in the competition, with primary and secondary school pupils, along with people over the age of 19, taking part.

Liverpool City Council’s lead on Holocaust Memorial Day, Councillor Jeremy Wolfson, told Mersey Mash why is it so vital to get young people educated about the Holocaust.

“It’s really important. Unfortunately, there are increasing numbers of hate crime and anti-Semitism in the UK. This competition is about raising awareness.

“Hopefully it will stay in their minds that hate crime is no good whatsoever. It’s awful.”

The three winners read out their work at the Holocaust Memorial Day service at Liverpool town hall on January 25.

Now, though, all the competition entries will be displayed.

The anthology is set to be displayed in libraries across the city, and will visit the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam.

A collection of poems was also comprised last year for the 10th anniversary of Liverpool hosting the national Holocaust Memorial Day in 2008.

There is a secondary competition to design the front cover for the anthology.

The competition, which is just for primary and secondary school students, ends on March 1.

Councillor Wolfson, who is also a member of the Jewish community, explained why the poetry competition took place.

“The Holocaust Memorial Day planning committee wanted to do something extra special (for the 10th anniversary of hosting Holocaust Memorial Day) and we decided to do a poetry competition.

“Last year’s theme was ‘The power of words’ and we had really emotive poems from primary and secondary school pupils and a really beautiful anthology was produced”.

This year’s theme of ‘Torn From Home’ was also selected as it coincides with the 25th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide.

Main image courtesy of Rodhullandemu via Wikimedia commons.



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