Scouse Day : Liverpool “the city where everyone belongs”

By Maëlle Fontaine and Francesco Guerritore

Today is Scouse Day and Liverpool is celebrating years of tradition and culture.

The Homeless Games is a non-profit charity making the most of this day. They are out on the streets all day raising awareness on the importance of unity and community.

Created by two ex-homeless friends, the organisation which uses sport to connect people who are socially excluded, is helping these individuals to find themselves and go for a healthier lifestyle.

Eric Houghton, chairman and cofounder, told Mersey Mash: “Our aim is to give people the opportunity to turn their lives around.”

“Everybody has a hidden talent, anyone has a challenge they want to overcome. It is just about finding what it is.”

“Liverpool as always been a multicultural city so it makes sense to launch our new sports and events program today.”

With the strong slogan “The City Where Everyone Belongs”, they are planning on launching a timetable of the Homeless Games 2019. For over a decade now, they have been providing “Olympic style” games which comes with the Homeless World cup.

Whether you are football fan, a fast runner or a lover of board games, they try to make it accessible for everyone. The Homeless Games does not stop there, they provide different support and wellbeing stalls, educational stalls, job centre help and more.





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