Liverpool’s Music industry is ready to fly

Chosen as the UNESCO city of music in 2015, Liverpool is home to the most vibrant and fast-growing musical scene in the country.

It has a long list of venues, festivals and peculiar skills that make it a suitable place for emerging artists to express themselves in a welcoming environment.

The city council has been striving to make the most of its title, and last year it drew up a report which outlined how the city could take advantage of the not-too-hidden potential of its music scene and heritage.

One of the key points in the report was to compile a list of people relevant to the music business in the city that could join their efforts to draw plans that would add value to the music industry.

It was filed at the end of January 2019 and it features 17 components including some of the most influential personalities in the music scene in Liverpool such as Michael Eakin – CEO of Royal Liverpool Philarmonic and Chris Meehan – CEO of Sentric Music. You can find more about it here.

Joao Terra is one of many artists that created a musical career in Liverpool.

He is a Brazilian musician who has performed in most of the important venues in the city and will be part of the Threshold festival that will be running March 29-30 in the Baltic Triangle.

He told us about his experience in the city and what he thinks of it from a musical perspective.

Busker Cary Balsano is an Italian singer and songwriter, who shared his thoughts on the city and its venues, what needs improvement and how young artists can do to grow in Liverpool.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-13 at 17.11.49

You can hear him here:

Since the city has been given the UNESCO title, Kevin McManus, Head of Unesco city of music, and the city council tried to make the best of it.

According to Kevin, the city still needs to develop its full potential and the Board will definitely help in achieving it.

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