Merseyside burglary campaign: one year on

By Maëlle Fontaine

Operation Castle celebrates huge success in decreasing number of burglaries across Merseyside. With statistics dropping by 24% compared to last year, it represents nearly 2000 less victims.

Since its launch in March 2018, the operation’s aim was to respond to rising community concerns around burglary by reducing numbers of offences and encouraging people to report as well as supporting local policing officers.

Detection rate has increased by 15% meaning  preventing and solving those crimes has been successful.

Detective Inspector Andy McCourt stresses the importance of how each individual could help improving these statistics by undertaking certain “prevention” habits.

“First preventive is quite simple : don’t forget to lock your doors. The amount of times we have investigated burglaries where the victims has not locked their doors and windows.”

“Lights – internal and external –  are also are very good preventive measure, as burglary offenders do not like attention. ”

” CCTV cameras are good whether you use dummy cameras or actual working cameras. And vigilance really, with neighbours looking out for each other and if you see anything unusual just report it to the police.”

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