‘Outside the box’ hosts its first event on 5G

The first of a brand new series of events was held yesterday in the Baltic Triangle where 5G and its presumed deadly effects were discussed.

The new program’s name is ‘Outside the Box’, and, as the title suggests, it aims at helping people to free their minds.

But how does it plan to do so?

According to Peter Freeman, the organizer of the event, by gathering together and having the opportunity to interact with each other one can more easily come to conclusions or clear his mind about a subject.

That is indeed the whole point of the new program of events, to let people discuss topics of major importance in a friendly environment instead of just letting the internet influence their opinion.

Yesterday’s screening was about 5G and all the conspiracy (and not) theories behind it.

The main concern about 5G is that its frequencies, measured in Gigahertz, could potentially have deadly effects on humans, and according to different opinions there could be long-term or short-term consequences.


Some people even believe that 5G is a governmental program to get rid of the ever-growing mass of people that it’s overpopulating Earth, but that’s only one of the many conspiracies; you can read more here and here.

The night was basically a series of acts, including a video created by the organizer, which featured some of the most famous conspiracy theories like chemtrails and ancient civilizations’ architecture.

After the video, some people got on the stage of District to do some talking, and one of them was Chris, a friend of the organizer who just a few days ago took part in a meeting where 5G was discussed.


Max Igan was another one of the guests of the night, he is an independent thinker who owns a modestly big YouTube channel and a website.

He talked about 5G yesterday via Skype and why people should be aware of its risks, here’s a snippet:


The night went on with creativity as Ian, who writes poetry and performs in local venues, shared his poem on piracy, linked to the same idea of ‘getting out of the box’.


A local’s band first performance gave an ending to the night, but the events will go on and they will be organized monthly, so stay tuned because this is something different and worth giving a try.

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