Grow Babe

By Jada Jones

Midnight tonight marks the release of 20-year-old Callum Crighton’s 10th single, Grow Babe. 

The synth-pop track focuses on leaving ones comfort zone with lyrics such as ‘you have got the power to take charge but first remember to be strong’ littered throughout in this empowerment ballad. 

This single marks 3 years since Crighton’s first single, Coins, was released in 2016, Crighton thanks his fans for all the progress he has made within the industry over his music career, saying: “I love my fans so much and I want them to hear this song and be inspired to push themselves to do that thing that they really want to do but haven’t yet out of fear.”

A music video is set to be released at 11am tomorrow morning, made in collaboration with Liverpool Palm House and Tempest Studios, an all female production company with a state of the art studio. 

The Liverpool born singer said: “I feel as though the song is really about the fact that true growth comes from experiences and embracing yourself as apposed to simply getting older.” He reiterated the sentiment, saying: “There’s a big difference between getting older and growing up.”

Follow this link to find the single: 

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