Liverpool restaurant named one of the best in the world

By Ana Madureira

Sanskruti in Bixteth Street was named among of the best 50 vegan-friendly restaurants in the World.

Owned by Jay and Hemali Shukla, the vegetarian dinner uses Hemali’s own recipes to bring to Liverpool the original flavours of different parts of India.

Sanskruti Restaurant vegetarian menu with original Indian dishes.

Replacing meat by vegetables and fruits with a similar texture and capable to absorb the Indian spices, the recipes placed the restaurant in a 42nd position in the Big 7 Travel website’s list of the 50 best vegan-friendly restaurants in the World.

The finalists, selected from across the five continents, were chosen accordingly to their dedication to plant-based food and sustainable and seasonal menus.

The final decision was made by the website readers, a community of 1.5million on social media, and by a panel of food experts, having in consideration online reviews and previous media coverage.

Jay Shukla, the owner, admits that everyone was caught by surprise, he said: “I had to read the email three times to make sure that it is what it is and we were very excited. I shared the news with the staff straight away and everybody got excited and they all feel proud working here.”

Mr Shukla, 38, says that keeping everything authentic and using spices coming directly from India is what makes Sanskruti different, he said: “Authentic dishes, fresh ingredients, spices imported from India and traditional dishes from three different parts of India, that’s what makes us stand out and people love it.”

Sanskruti, meaning culture in hindi, opened in Liverpool in 2016 following the success of the Shukla family first restaurant that opened three years before in Manchester.

Listen to the interview:

Watch the interview:

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