Breaking news – Video of raided Liverpool cannabis cafe

By Hannah Martin,


The cafe, on Holt Road, had around 40 customers at the time police raided the premises on Saturday (March 30).

Witnesses of the raid said they’d seen multiple Matrix vans at the scene with numerous people fleeing the area. Brian, 46, a local tradesman who lives behind the now closed cafe said: “We’d seen Matrix vans and then all of a sudden we saw two men jumping over a wall and running across a roof. We had no idea what was going on – it wasn’t until the next day we heard what had happened.”

Other residents expressed disappointment that the cafe was now closed.

A spokesman for Merseyside Police said: “False information exists about these types of locations, but I want to make it very clear that there is nowhere you are able to smoke cannabis legally in Merseyside.

“While the recreational use of cannabis may seem acceptable to some, evidence shows that those involved in the supply of cannabis are usually involved in serious and organised crime.

“Cannabis is an extremely damaging drug and with the help of our communities we will continue to tackle those offending.”

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