Is There Still Hope for Britain’s “Hollywood of the North”?

By Sarah Almond

Liverpool is set to become the brand new home for the big and small screen, with plans being unveiled for it to be claimed as “Hollywood of the North”.

In June 2018, the owner of the Littlewoods building, CAPITAL&CENTRIC, announced the ambitious deal with major filming company, Twickenham Studios to transform what once was the Football Pools, into an impressive filming hub.

The £50 million development was looking to restore the landmark built in 1938, with Twickenham occupying 85,000 sq ft of the 300,000 sq ft site – adding two large film stages, and spending £1.8m buying more land right next to the Littlewoods building to allow for more film and TV work.
Computer generated image of the future filming hub

But, since the arson attack on 2nd September 2018, those plans have been forced to stop temporarily. The fire engulfed the central clock tower with that section being the most badly scorched, and it is said the blaze reached temperatures of around 1000°C.

Now, over six months since the last update on the regeneration, it seems that it is still at a standstill. The site is boarded up with black walls and no work has been started on the building as of yet. This is the site today. 

CAPITAL&CENTRIC have vowed to continue with the scheme and house a ‘Hollywood-standard filming complex’. Creating films much like their anchor tenant Twickenham Studios have, with such classics as Bohemian Rhapsody, Blade Runner, and War Horse.

The team hope to create jobs for 570 people, as well as support another 2000 jobs and provide the economy with a £124m boost, with the luxury buildings.

Though developments are looking to be slow since the fire, CAPITAL&CENTRIC are still working on ‘bringing the big screen drama to Liverpool’ and the city should see the project come into fruition soon.


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