The Liverpool based charity helping families learn about autism

By Jose Ruiz

Based in Liverpool, the Isabella Trust focuses on providing families and carers with the support and knowledge they need when taking care of children with autistic spectrum condition (ASC) and sensory processing difficulties (SPD). Liverpool’s Taco Bell store, which is situated on Bold Street, recently collaborated with the trust to help raise money for the charity, and raise awareness around the matter.


Founder of the Isabella Trust, Tracey Bowyer spoke to Mersey Mash and explained her initial reaction when contacted by Taco Bell. She said: “We were absolutely delighted when Taco Bell contacted us as we are such a small charity; to be recognised and chosen by them is wonderful.”

When asked what the biggest benefits of this support would be she explained: “Awareness of the support available to parents and carers from the Isabella Trust and public awareness of autism and sensory difficulties”

The charity, which is located on 54 St James Street, can be seen as small compared to some of the other charities in Liverpool; however, the courses offered at the trust attract plenty of visitors, with many of them being fully booked beforehand. The founder says: “The interest in our events is phenomenal! We are delighted with the feedback from previous events which has been fantastic and helps us ensure we are providing services that parents want and need.”

isabella trust logo

More parents and carers want to better their abilities and knowledge to improve the outcomes for their children, and identify strategies that will support their everyday life and promote independence. When asking Tracey about the most popular classes they offered, she stated: “our most popular courses are the combined sensory processing difficulties and sensory strategies course, as well as the understanding autism course.”
The charity does have ambitions to expand, the founder told Mersey Mash: “we recently ran some courses in Knowsley and the Sefton area, we are hopefully going to continue to deliver support there and will hopefully expand into other areas.”

Speaking to Bold Street Taco Bell manager, Ethan Hunter, he told me why this charity holds a special place in his heart and more.


If you would like to know more about the local charity, then visit the Isabella Trust website at

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