5G Friend or Foe?

By Jada Jones

5G has been a growing topic of debate since the idea of introducing the faster internet speeds to major cities was announced.

With a vocal opposition to this introduction as well as graffiti going up, word is spreading fast around Liverpool of the dangers this could be introducing.

People around the city have been quick to protest, with a petition of almost 2000 signatures going up.

The health concerns include worries surrounding cancer. Stories are coming out from across the country with children exposed to the 5G phone masts developing cancer.


The people of Liverpool have mixed feelings about this latest addition. Some claiming that the health worries are “just the latest in fear mongering, I’ve heard everything is going to make me ill at some point or another”.

The installations have left Liverpudlians worried not only for their own health, but that of their friends, families and partners.

5G does bring faster speeds, but the health risks that come with are creating quite a stir.

How do you feel about 5G in Liverpool? Let us know on our twitter @MerseyMash!

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